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  • Thursday Feb 22nd
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About Us

About Us

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Our Mission is to build the capacity of clergy, lay and community leaders to revitalized and mobilize the members of the communities in which they live, work and worship.

Our Goals are:

  • To strive for the relief of the poor
  • To end poverty and work toward systemic change, economic strength, and political power
  • To educate people about the conditions, causes and eradication of poverty
  • To educate our children to be academically competent, and socially and morally responsible
  • To enhance the capacity of fledging, underappreciated and underserved programs serving the interests of the African American community
  • Securing and maintaining gainful employment with health benefits by providing tools, resources, and referrals
  • The development of public policy initiatives and the promotion of awareness for crucial African American issues
  • To foster unity within congregations that lead to collective community projects
  • Employment readiness and placement services for our clients
  • Low or no cost medical, dental and vision screenings for our clientele
  • Advocacy, Education and Awareness Training
  • Community organizing Campaign Initiatives