About US

United African American Ministerial Action Council (UAAMAC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in San Diego, California UAAMAC is an organization committed to the vision of a Beloved Community of justice, equitable access to opportunities in the pursuit of happiness, education, health, family stability, economic development, peace and prosperity for all people. To this endeavor, all people of good will and their resources are invited to participate in working with us collectively in making the vision of The Beloved Community a reality.

UAAMAC calls the community to come together in a spirit of unity as we work collaboratively and responsibly to address the need for radical reform in the five key areas of UAAMAC’s Core Competencies essential in building The Beloved Community, namely; Economic development, Public education, Family stability, Public health, and Judicial equity.


Reduce Poverty by:

  • Working toward relevant systemic change
  • Provide education about the cause and conditions of poverty
  • Equip citizens to develop economic stability
  • Educate our children and youth to be academically competent, and morally and socially responsible
  • Foster development of public policy initiatives that improve the quality of life of our citizens
  • Promote unity with our diverse community

Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Gerald Johnson

Reverend Charles Dorsey
Chairman Emeritus

Reverend Theola Campbell
Board Member

Reverand Chuck Norris
Member at Large

Reverend Alpha Dority
Board Member

Reverend Dr. Gerald W. Brown
Board Member

Reverend Anthony Howard
Member at Large

Elder Larry Miller
Board Member

Dr. Gary Watkins
Board Member

Brother Larry Blackman
Board Member